(FOX40.COM) — The chimpanzees have been a mainstay at the Sacramento Zoo for 75 years.

But through the years, the troop dwindled to four remaining chimps: Mom and daughter, Amanda and Maria, and Pablo and Dougie.

Director of Animal Care at the Sacramento Zoo Matt McKim said, “This week our two female chimpanzees have been transferred to another AZA-accredited facility to settle in and be part of a larger troop.”

The 33-year-old mom and her 22-year-old daughter are doing well, Mckim added. And in May, the two males left for the Kansas City Zoo.

“We did make the decision that the best option for our chimps, their well-being, and their welfare, was to be rehomed to other accredited institutions to join larger troops, larger habitats that are more dynamic, and just provide them with wonderful opportunities to thrive and improve their well-being for years and years to come,” said McKim. 

He continued, “[It’s a] very sad decision to see them go. But the best decision for those animals… and that’s why we feel good about it. It’s been successful and we know they’re in great hands. “

Still, the move will leave a void zoo that lovers will just have to get used to.

A father attending the Sacramento Zoo on Saturday said, “I’m sad to see that the chimps are gone. We do love the zoo, though.”

“We always love all the animals here. So we’re happy with what we get to see. The kids are happy, so we’re happy,” added an attending mother.