(KTXL) — A cruise ship that will take travelers on the first regular river cruises in Northern California in several decades was spotted docked near the Tower Bridge and the Old Sacramento Waterfront Friday morning.

The ship, American Jazz, is part of the American Cruise Lines fleet and is the ship that the company said will host several excursions through Northern California this year.

The excursions were first announced in August 2022 and will feature trips through the San Francisco Bay as well as the Napa, Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers.

Nearly 200 guests will be able to travel on the 8-day cruises, which cost upwards of around $5,500 per person.

The cruise ship is one of the larger ships to dock in Sacramento in recent history.

River cruises, which ran regularly through the Sacramento River at the start of the 20th century, dropped in popularity, with the last regular excursions occurring in the middle of the century.

The Delta King, a 1920s-era paddleboat, is currently the largest boat permanently docked in Old Sacramento, where it serves as a hotel and restaurant.