(FOX40.COM) — Between the upcoming holiday weekend and the large rock festival Aftershock, Sacramento International Airport expects to see over 100,000 travelers enter its gates.

To ensure a smooth experience, all travelers are encouraged to be prepared by staying on top of communication from their airlines and packing their patience when arriving at SMF. Here are a few additional tips for travelers heading out this weekend.
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Arrive 2.5 hours ahead of your flight

One of the best ways to save time before a flight is to try to arrive at the airport early. SMF recommends that travelers arrive at least 2.5 hours before a domestic and three hours before an international flight.  SMF also expects many customers to use the Rental Car Center, so factor in the time it would take to drop off or pick up a rental car into your schedule.

Plan ahead for parking

Anyone planning to drive their own vehicle to the airport should prepare to navigate directly available lots. During holiday travel, parking lots at SMF can get a little tight. The garage and hourly lots are expected to fill quickly as demand exceeds capacity.

Fortunately, travelers can check how many spots are available in real-time on the Airport’s Parking Status Webpage.

Rideshare/public transportation is recommended

Travelers are also strongly advised to consider getting dropped off by friends or family, taking public transportation, or using a taxi or app-based ride-sharing.
Public Transportation: SacRT’s route 142 runs express service between the airport and downtown seven days a week. YoloBus also offers daily routes throughout the region.
App-Based Ridesharing: Lyft, Uber, and Wingz all service SMF and have designated areas for pickup at both terminals.
Taxis: Taxi service is provided by the Sacramento Independent Taxi Owners Association. Travelers can make reservations by calling 916-444-0008. Taxis can be found outside of baggage claims at both terminals.

Insider Tips

Tip 1: SMF says if you are picking up someone at the airport, to park in the Free Waiting Area until the person has their bags and makes their way to the Arrivals area. Parking and waiting at the Arrival area is not allowed. It can also take longer than expected

Tip 2: Check-in kiosks are placed throughout the terminal before security checkpoints, not just near the airline counters. Travelers can avoid the crowds at the main desks by using kiosks located in other areas.