SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — This weekend is set to be one of the busiest travel weekends of the year as millions of people are prepared to hit the road for the holidays.

In California, officials estimate that 15 million residents will be on the move from today through the end of the year, be it by airplane or vehicle.

With more drivers on California roads and highways this weekend, state officials and law enforcement are encouraging safety on the roads.

“There will be a lot of traffic out there, so you would want to plan ahead to expect some longer travel times if you’re traveling to the mountains. It will probably take you longer to travel through Sacramento,” Steve Nelson from Caltrans told FOX 40 News.

The American Automobile Association estimates more than 100 million people are choosing to drive to their holiday locations this year nationwide.

In Sacramento, one resident says that he will avoid the entire travel chaos by staying home.

“I am going to just watch TV and have dinner with a friend,” said Jerome Robinson, adding that problems arise because people try to take shortcuts or unsafe maneuvers on the road.

Caltrans agrees that it will be busy in the Sacramento area even though the state will be spared the cold winter weather that is hitting the middle of the country.

“When there is a lot of volume, like this weekend on a holiday weekend, you really want to pay attention to what you are doing out there and staying off your phone and driving the speed limit,” Nelson said.

To try and limit the number of crashes and injuries this weekend, the California Highway Patrol will be making its presence known, with additional officers on patrol looking out for potential DUI drivers or unsafe driving.

“We primarily enforce the primary collision factors, which is obviously impaired driving and speed,” Officer Justin Fetterly of the CHP said to FOX 40 News.

On top of driving safely, the CHP also wants drivers to remember to be prepared before even getting into the car by making sure everything is properly working and having a backup plan in case of an emergency.