(KTXL) — City officials are gathering on Thursday to announce a $500,000 allocation toward the renovations of the Southside Park pool.  

City Councilmember Katie Valenzuela will announce the progress that has been made on the resurfacing of the Southside Park Pool at 1 p.m. by Southside Park. 

Video Above: “Save Our Pool” seeks to re-open Southside Park pool

Valenzuela will be joined by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, community leaders and city staff. 

 In April, the city said the pool, located at 2107 6th St, would have to be closed for a second straight year due to repairs

A repair of the pool’s fiberglass lining, which the Sacramento Bee reported caused swimmers to break out in rashes, was the reason for the pool’s closure last summer. 

But these obstacles haven’t stopped Valenzuela from attempting to retrieve the necessary funding to get the pool re-opened for the city’s residents. 

In mid-May, Valenzuela suggested using money from the budgets of other parks to speed up the renovations for the Southside pool. 

“I’d also like to ask staff to consider moving the Fremont Park bathroom renovation and the shed demolition items to the Southside Park pool repair fund. That would be just about $500,000,” said Valenzuela.

According to the Southside Park Neighborhood Association, the estimate for repairing phases 1 and 2 of the Southside Park pool is $2 million. 

But in mid-May, the city said it only has $375,000 ready for the repairs.