(KTXL) — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg addressed the media on Monday following the arrival of a second plane carrying migrants, three days after the first landed in the city.

“Sacramento is going to do everything it can to care for these vulnerable that were dropped off at our doorsteps,” Steinberg told reporters on Monday. “No matter what the terrible motivation was from whoever did this, that’s our job.” 

•Video Above: Rob Bonta says Florida Gov. DeSantis is behind migrant flights to Sacramento

“This is a city of immigrants, this is a city of refugees, the city and the region has one of the largest Afgan refugee population in the country. We’ve taken Ukrainian immigrants and immigrants from all over the country,” Steinberg continued. 

The two flights originated out of El Paso, Texas and dropped off a total of 36 migrants in Sacramento in less than a week. 

On Friday, the Sacramento Catholic Diocese said 16 migrants were dropped off in front of its building. Attorney General Rob Bonta said they were transported from Texas to New Mexico before being boarded on a chartered plane to Sacramento. 

A second plane carrying 20 migrants landed at Sacramento Executive Airport on Monday on Monday, Bonta’s office confirmed. 

According to Sacramento County spokesperson Kim Nava, the migrants from Monday’s flight were taken to a religious institution where county social workers would assess the migrants’ needs. 

In a joint statement with Sacramento ACT and the state, officials from the county said it’s working with state and county agencies to ensure they meet the migrants’ needs.

Sacramento County has received 36 migrants, via plane, over the last four days. All are adults. SacACT is working closely with state and county departments to support recent arrivals. Each person it safe, secure and being diligently cared for.

In addition to meeting basic needs, migrants are receiving medical care and crisis counseling as needed. Many have pending appointments and need help coordinating their attendance.

At this time, we are maintaining privacy with regard to individual identities, where they came from or where they are staying. We ask that everyone respect this request for privacy and adhere to the safety requirements set in place

Sacramento County, in coordination with SacACT and the state

Bonta said the migrants were in possession of documents purporting to be from Florida and he alleges Florida is responsible.

“We believe this is the official practice of the state of Florida, and that this is something endorsed by and supported by Gov. DeSantis,” Bonta said. “They used official tax dollars to pay for a private vendor to reach out to asylum seekers and migrants and fly them to other states.”

Steinberg also commented on the alleged involvement of Florida to local media. 

“There’s the other side of this, which is the worst of American values, and the early evidence points to Florida and we know where that points, who would use innocent and vulnerable people as political pawns,” Steinberg said.