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(KTXL) — An all-new public charter school in Del Paso Heights is set to welcome its very first class of students this fall.

This fall, 14-year-old – Anamanu Fotofili will be part of the first freshman class at Capital College and Career Academy, located off Arden Way, and she has big dreams.

“To have my own business or to expand my dad’s construction business and make it bigger,” Fotofili said. “Ever since I was younger, my dad used to always take me to his estimates to estimate how much it would cost.”

“It’s just such a need here. We have the 49th and 50th lowest median-income neighborhoods in a five-mile radius. There’s just not many school options available to young people here, so it just felt like what an amazing opportunity,” Founder Kevin Dobson said.

The school said students will be able to choose their own educational path, with the opportunity to take college classes at Sacramento State and American River College and complete up to three years of college by the time they graduate high school.

They can also explore careers in trade.

“Going to places like SMUD, Caltrans, construction, really seeing all facets of what that company does whether it’s accounting, engineering, marketing, sales. I mean anything that touches the construction trades is available to a young person here, and at the very least, they’re building a resume, participating in real-world skills that’s going to propel them after high school,” Dobson said.

For Fotofili, it’s the opportunity to blaze her own path that convinced her this is the school for her.

“I saw my future in this school,” Fotofili said. “It’s really a good opportunity because first of all, you make bank. You make bank. and it’s just good, especially if you come from the bottom.”