SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A “triple-demic” is sweeping its way across the country, and health experts warn California is the next state to see a trio of viruses.

“There’s been reports of hospitals being overwhelmed by patients being admitted for RSV,” Dr. Dean Blumberg, with UC Davis Children’s Hospital, said.

Blumberg says UC Davis isn’t at capacity yet, but it’s still early.

“We’ve had increasing rates of admission for children with RSV, and we’ve got several children admitted now with RSV,” Blumberg said.

RSV is a respiratory virus with common symptoms like a cough, fever, or runny nose, but Blumberg says severe cases make it difficult for kids to breathe.

“Children may get pneumonia with RSV or they can get inflammation of the airways or bronchiolitis and may need supportive care such as supplemental oxygen,” Blumberg said. 

Dr. Katie Baker at Mercy Hospital of Folsom believes COVID-19 prevention measures – like isolation and masking – affect children’s ability to fight off these airborne viruses.

“This trajectory is probably going to increase and this is likely the beginning,”
 Baker says.

Baker suggests parents and children get up to date on covid and flu shots to help avoid a trip to the emergency room and help healthcare workers keep a handle on patients.

Baker and Blumberg said severe signs of RSV in your child are if they’re turning blue, neck or chest retractions. If they’re lethargic and struggling to breathe you should bring them to the hospital.

Mild cases are mostly like the cold, and it’s advised to keep humid, moist air in the home and to make sure children drink enough water.