SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento Zoo will have dragon figures that are observed in regions around the world on display for several months starting in October.

Zoo administrators announced that the Dragon Discovery event will begin on Oct. 28 and continue until early 2023.

“From the fire-breathing dragons of Europe to the silent killers of Africa and the ocean’s serpent kings, dragons have converged on the Sacramento Zoo,” the zoo said on its website.

There will be fifteen animatronic dragons at the zoo. 

“Avoid the deadly gazes of the basilisk and the cockatrice. Get some good luck from a Chinese dragon. Admire the plumed serpent form of Quetzalcóatl,” the zoo said.

The Dragon Discovery event was created by Dino Don, Inc.

“Dino Don advised Steven Spielberg on the original Jurassic Park film and the Universal and Disney theme parks,” the zoo said.

The event is sponsored by First 5 California, a state program “dedicated to improving the lives of California’s young children and their families through a comprehensive system of education, health services, childcare, and other crucial programs.”

The event is free with admission to the zoo or with a membership. Tickets vary in price.