SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento police said three separate shootings between Monday night and Tuesday morning ended with four people dead. 

According to police, three of the killings happened around 11 p.m. Monday. 

One of the shootings happened on San Juan Road, near Bandon Way. Police said officers arrived and found two people in a car suffering from gunshot wounds. One of the men died at the scene, and the other died at the hospital.

The other killing took place near Eleanor Avenue and Arcade Boulevard. According to police, there was an altercation between an unknown number of people. The altercation ended with one person being fatally shot. 

The fourth killing happened Tuesday around 9 a.m. on Sixth Avenue, near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Police said officers at the scene found one person with at least one gunshot wound. 

First responders took the person to the hospital, but the victim was later pronounced dead.

The series of deaths come after a shooting early Sunday morning that left one person dead in Midtown Sacramento. A suspect in that shooting has been arrested.

According to police, the shootings are not related. There is no information about the other shooters.