SACRAMENTO, Calif. (FOX 40) — If you live in or near Sacramento and used Google to search for concerts or festivals, covid tests or gas prices, you contributed to these topics being among the most searched-for things in the area in 2022.

Google recently released information on the top searches from local communities. Below, the top ten trending “near me” searches in the Sacramento area in 2022.

  1. Country concerts near me
  2. Orthodontists near me
  3. Gas prices near me
  4. Cheapest gas near me
  5. Festivals near me
  6. Estate sales near me
  7. Plasma donation near me
  8. Pilates near me
  9. At home covid test near me
  10. Concerts near me

Does the top search being country concerts surprise you? Sacramento was one of three places where the term was among the top trending searches. The other two places were Lincoln, Nebraska and Tallahassee, Florida.

However, country music was not the most searched-for music by people in Sacramento. That title goes to rap, which had more searches than any other music genre.

The data from Google also shows that Sacramento was the only place nationwide that had bowhead whale as its top trending animal. Here is a link if you are now wondering what this animal is.

A popular use of search engines is to find new recipes, and “marry me chicken” was the most searched-for recipe by people in the Sacramento area.

The top search across Google in 2022 was Wordle, the simple word-guessing game that became a runaway hit.