(KTXL) — The continuing work on Highway 50 in central Sacramento now includes changes affecting travelers heading eastbound between the Sacramento River and Highway 99.

The stretch of Highway 50, also known as the W-X freeway and Capital City Freeway, is undergoing construction to add carpool lanes in both directions.

Changes implemented by Caltrans that will continue into December include shifting two eastbound lanes on this stretch of the highway onto the westbound side, limiting drivers’ ability to exit into central Sacramento or change onto Highway 99 or Business 80.

According to the changes, if you drive eastbound on Highway 50 from West Sacramento towards Sacramento and want to exit on 15th St. or merge onto southbound Highway 99 or eastbound onto Business 80, you will need to stay in the No. 3 lane on the right.

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Drivers that are in the leftmost lanes, No. 1 and 2, will shift into the westbound side of Highway 50 and will not have a chance to exit the highway or move back into the No. 3 lane until after passing the interchange with Highway 99.

Caltrans asks drivers on Highway 50 to slow down

During the construction, Caltrans is asking drivers to reduce their speed as they pass through the elevated stretch of Highway 50, since the lane shifts and later adjustments to traffic will impact the movement of vehicles through the area.

Speed limits on the stretch of Highway 50 between the Sacramento River and Highway 99 will be reduced to 55 miles per hour at all times, according to Caltrans.

The construction is part of Fix50, a project that started in 2020 and will add carpool lanes in the eastbound and westbound directions on a miles-long stretch of the highway between the Sacramento River and Watt Avenue.