(KTXL) — Sacramento Area Congregations Together, a faith-based community group, is accepting donations to aid the migrants who arrived in the city on two separate flights in early June.

A total of 36 migrants were transported to Sacramento on two separate flights that originated out of El Paso, Texas. 

The community organization said donations on its website over the next two weeks will go to supporting the needs of the migrants in Sacramento.

On the organization’s donation page, Sacramento ACT said it received an “overwhelming response” of requests for help and had been working with its congregations, partners and local and state governments to assess the migrants’ needs. 

“We appreciate all of the support that has been offered. The group is feeling very much loved, safe, and welcomed in Sacramento,” the donation page reads. 

Click or tap here to make a donation online. 

For any questions regarding donations, Sacramento ACT said the public should contact Diana Patterson at diana@sacact.org or through text at 916-886-7378.

Other Sacramento-area organizations that provide assistance

In the Sacramento area, there are other organizations that help during times of need.

Although they are not directly involved in assisting the migrants, the Red Cross, the International Rescue Committee, and NorCal Resist work with vulnerable populations.

It’s unknown where the migrants are staying or how long they’ll be in the area, as Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said in Tuesday’s press conference that their location will not be revealed to protect their privacy. 

Steinberg said he met with several of the migrants, saying they are “grateful” and the city is welcoming them with open arms. 

“You bring people to our community, who don’t know where their hope lies, we will provide them hope,” Steinberg said. “We will help find their futures, we will respond in a way that will send a message to the rest of the country and world.”