(FOX40.COM) — Sacramento’s city council approved actions to help the storied Iceland skating rink on Del Paso Boulevard get restored so that it can return to being a year-round destination, as it was before a fire almost destroyed the entire complex in 2010.

Councilmembers approved a $1.2 million forgivable loan for the rink to make major improvements, including repairs to its roof, which has been one of the major issues limiting the use of the complex.

Terie Kerth, the executive director of Iceland, said in a social media post after the approval, “Much work lies ahead! But for now, take a moment to say yay!, celebrate, and pat yourself on the back for helping make this major milestone happen!”

The rink opened in 1940 and provided decades of recreation and entertainment before it was closed due to an arson fire in 2010.

Efforts in the following months allowed it to continue in operation on a seasonal basis since the roof was still gutted. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the full closure of the rink.

Now, the venue has an opportunity to return to reopen fully, and the loan from the city will be forgiven if the operators fulfill the following:
•maintain the complex
•it is open for a minimum of 2,000 hours dedicated to public skating, private lessons, shows, tournaments and similar programming
•provide 250 skate school scholarships to students who live in District 2
•serve 30,000 skate customers

As part of the agreement with the city, a separate $125,000 loan that cannot be forgiven will be provided to improve the façade. These funds come from Sacramento’s share of the American Rescue Plan Act.

According to a social media post from Iceland, now that the money is approved, the rink “should be open about 6 months later.”