(KTXL) — Sacramento police officers apprehended an incarcerated woman who walked away from a community reentry program in November.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Marissa Bakers, 29, was taken into custody Thursday after a three-month search following an escape from a reentry program facility in Sacramento. 

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Bakers was a participant in a Sacramento Custody to Community Transitional Reentry Program and left the facility after taking off her GPS device without permission on Nov. 19, according to CDCR officials. 

Sacramento’s reentry program facility is on Power Inn Road and has 50 beds, according to the CDCR website. It’s one of six CDCR reentry program facilities in California. 

After officials were notified that Bakers removed her GPS device, an emergency count was immediately conducted in the facility, and later looked at video surveillance, which showed she left the facility, CDCR officials said.

Bakers was apprehended without incident Thursday and was initially booked into Sacramento County Jail. 

Shortly after, Bakers was transported to the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla in Madera County. CDCR officials said Bakers’ case will be referred to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office where escape charges will be determined by prosecutors. 

Bakers was convicted of battery with serious injury in San Diego County and was received by CDCR on July 20, 2022. She was sentenced to two years for her battery conviction.  

Before walking away from the Sacramento facility, Bakers was scheduled to be released from custody in January. 

What is the statewide reentry program?

California’s community reentry program allows convicted women of serious and violent and non-serious crimes to serve their sentence in a residential facility rather than a state prison, according to the CDCR. 

Under the reentry program, a range of rehabilitation services such as drug and alcohol recovery, employment, education, housing family reunification, and social support. The participants are placed into the program with a minimum of 45 days and a maximum of 32 months prior to their release date.

According to the CDCR, an incarnated woman may request to be placed into the program by submitting an application and voluntary agreement to the Division of Rehabilitation Programs.

Other than the Sacramento location, the state has reentry program facilities in San Diego, Santa Fe Springs, Bakersfield, Stockton, and Los Angeles.