SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento, along with the Sacramento Zoo, moved to empty two ponds at William Land Park in an effort to protect from the bird flu.

Bird flu has not yet been detected in the zoo’s birds, but the zoo said the nearby Duck and Lily ponds put it at risk. The disease is transmitted through respiratory secretions and feces by wild ducks, geese and other wild animals, the zoo said.

The decision to dewater the ponds comes after the California Department of Fish and Wildlife issued an advisory about bird flu being spotted in Northern California. 

The zoo said it began to protect the birds there in July by moving most of them indoors. They also made adjustments to some birds’ enclosures to ensure their contact with wild birds is limited. 

Land Park’s two ponds were not the only ones to be dewatered. The Sacramento Zoo said its Flamingo Lake was drained, and the flamingos, along with others, were moved to more protected areas. 

The animals that were at the Land Park ponds will be moved as well. 

“Red Eared Slider turtles that are present will be humanely collected and transferred into the care of the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue for placement into new homes,” the zoo posted on Facebook.

Improvements will be made to the ponds while they have no water. The zoo said there are plans to remove “empty, non-beneficial sediment.” Some of the features at the ponds are going to be replaced. 

The ponds will be filled once the “threat of the disease diminishes.” Though, there was no timeline given.