(FOX40.COM) — Two former Sacramento Kings dancers are suing the team and a choreographer alleging sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, and inappropriate touching and messages from the choreographer.

The plaintiffs, listed as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, claimed the team didn’t take any action when they reported sexual harassment and other misconduct to their human resources department last year.

According to court documents, the plaintiffs claim the choreographer retaliated against them by not selecting them for the dance team this season. 

“The two dancers were witnesses to sexual harassment by the lead dance person choreographer, we’re not really sure what his title is,” Ron Zambrano, the plaintiffs’ attorney, told FOX40.com.

“They complained about it. Not only what they were watching, but what was being said to them directly. Sacramento Kings HR said they’d look into it. Nothing happened because he kept doing what he was doing,” Zambrano continued.

One of the dancers alleges the choreographer touched other dancers and sent them inappropriate messages. The dancer also claims the choreographer began to comment on her social media photos and videos by sending her “flirtatious comments and emojis.”

The other dancer claims she began to feel uncomfortable and fearful around the choreographer, who called her “love.” She also stated she began to hear other dance partners complain about the choreographer. 

The lawsuit alleges the choreographer sent messages to one of the plaintiffs asking to use photos of her for another job outside of the Kings organization.

The dancer ignored the text messages, however, the choreographer sent Instagram photos of her to a third-party promotion company without her consent, according to the complaint. 

“The other thing he was doing was, individually to my clients, was messaging them directly inappropriate comments asking for pictures of them,” Zambrano said. “Which is not something that is appropriate and those are two things my clients brought up to the Sacramento Kings organization and nothing happened.”

The Kings sent FOX40 a statement on Tuesday afternoon saying, “While we have not been served, we are aware of the recent filing. We take all allegations of harassment seriously. The organization does not comment on active litigation.”