(KTXL) — There is a happy update to a story FOX40 News first brought you over the weekend: Tatty, the 12-year-old pug affectionately known as the Mayor of Midtown, is back safe with his owners.

“He’s the best boy,” said the dog’s owners, Steffan Bloom and Erin Boyle. “Yeah, he’s the best boy.”

Bloom, Boyle and their daughter are once again embracing their beloved 12-year-old pug.

FOX40 News first met them over the weekend when they were appealing for his safe return. They explained Tatty likes to sit in the sun outside the family’s antique store, Scout Living.

And that’s where he was, right before he went missing Friday. The family and community members posted fliers all over Sacramento.

“Sunday night we got a phone call. And it was a guy saying, ‘Hey, I think I have your dog.’ He texted me a picture and it was definitely Tatty,” Bloom said.

Bloom said the caller told him they had bought the dog for $50 from a guy in the parking lot of Dollar Tree.

“And he said, ‘The guy seems really sketchy, kind of like a drug addict,’ so they bought the dog,” Bloom said. “The daughter texted a photo to her mom and said, ‘This is a new member of our family,’ and she was at Gunther’s Ice Cream, and she had just seen the poster that somebody has posted at Gunther’s of Tatty. And she was like, ‘I think that’s the dog that they’re looking for.’”

“Now I realize, if you see a dog that somebody is trying sell and it’s real shady, try to buy the dog and then take it to the shelter or the vet to see if it’s someone’s,” Boyle said.

While it’s heartbreaking that somebody stole Tatty, the outpouring of support that led to his safe return affirmed the family’s faith in the goodness of their neighbors.

“This has just shown us how much love and support there is. And it’s made us feel so much better about being here,” Bloom said.

Visitors can still say hi to Tatty. They’ll just have to do that indoors from now on.

 “Maybe we can come up with some way to securely let him sunbathe but under lock and key out front. He’s going to be a little confused about why he can’t go outside,” Boyle said.