(KTXL) — For the second time this year, C.K. McClatchy High School students were robbed near the school’s campus on Monday, according to the Sacramento City Unified School District.

“Unfortunately, I am once again writing to share the disturbing news that two of our students were robbed in broad daylight near campus,” McClatchy Principal Andrea Egan wrote in email to FOX40.

Egan said that the robbery took place just a few minutes after students were dismissed from campus as they were making their way down Freeport Boulevard, near the student parking lot.

The students were left “rattled” but unharmed after robbers wearing hoods and medical masks approached the students and then escaped in a black Nissan Altima.

“Police reports have been filed, and school administration met with officers today to share facts we have since gathered, including some video we handed over to the police that may be helpful to their investigation,” Egan wrote.

The campus already had increased security from the Sacramento Police Department, according to the district, but will once again increase security around the campus following Monday’s robberies.

During the week of Oct. 23, McClatchy High School reported several incidents where men in ski masks attempted to rob students in the surrounding neighborhoods. In the two separate attempted robberies no students were hurt.