(FOX40.COM) — The food that will be served at this year’s Tower Bridge Dinner was presented for the first time on Monday by the chefs who will prepare the meals.

The lead chefs for the 10th anniversary event prepared and presented the dishes together for the first time in a preview at the Central Kitchen. 

This year’s dinner will feature a five-course meal: 

Preset: Rillettes and Seafood Conserva — Fennel and black pepper lavish, toybox peperonata

First course: Charred Stone Fruits and Corn Spoon Breads — Smoked peach and sunflower XO, heirloom beans, pickled onion and chili, summer herbs

Second course: Furikake-Crusted Albacore Tuna with Mixed Heirloom Rice — Roasted tomato vinaigrette, pole beans, avocado, mizuna crispy garlic, trout roe

Third course: Roasted Mushroom and Harvest Squash — Sweet peppers, vegetable jus, scallion

Fourth course: Pork Belly al Forno — Celeriac, charred figs and blistered grapes, bleu cheese, balsamic, wild arugula

Fifth course: Smoke Roasted Whole Duck — Jamaican-style rundown, callaloo braised greens, fermented pepper mop sauce

Who are the chefs? 

This year’s dinner will be held on Sept 10 during the Farm-to-Fork Festival and will be led by the following chefs: 

Chef Rebecca Campbell of Sac City Brews & Nourish Event Kitchen

Chef Sean Rumery of Canon East Sacramento

Chef Derek Sawyer of Allora

Chef Dennis Sydnor of Renegade Dining

Chef Craig Takehara of Binchoyaki

Each year, hundreds of people gather at the Tower Bridge to enjoy a dinner prepared by some of the top chefs in the region and the world. 

The inaugural Tower Bridge Dinner was held in 2013 and was led by Chefs Patrick Mulvaney and Randall Selland. The event has grown to become one of the most popular culinary events in the region.