(KTXL) — Several minors were rescued from a roller coaster ride at Scandia Fun Center in Sacramento on Saturday night, according to the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.

Sacramento Metro Fire said that around 9:25 p.m. Saturday night rescue crews were sent to Scandia after receiving reports that minors were stuck on a ride.

When crews arrived on the scene they were able to safely lower the jammed roller coaster car down.

Metro Fire said that while the children were cold while stuck on the ride, all were recused and unharmed.

Previous Incident

According to Sacramento Metro Fire, this is not the first time that the roller coaster ride at Scandia Fun Center had gotten stuck.

In November 2022, the same roller coaster ride got stuck approximately 65 feet in the air with several occupants stuck inside the car.

Crews from Metro Fire were able to safely remove all the passengers from the roller coaster by an aerial ladder truck.