(FOX40.COM) — Two monster trucks hauled by a big rig became engulfed in flames while driving on Highway 50 in Sacramento on Tuesday morning.

The tractor-trailer caught on fire on the eastbound lanes near34th Street according to the Sacramento Fire Department.

Fire officials said the driver was able to release the tractor from the trailer before it could be involved in the fire.

The fire impacted morning traffic in the area, as the California Highway Patrol closed the exit for about three hours to allow four tow trucks to toll the two monster trucks and trailer off the freeway.

Megaldon is one of the two Monster Jam trucks that was damaged in a fire on Highway 50. FOX40/KTXL.

There were no injuries in the incident.

The two monster trucks that sustained damage were Megaldon and Scooby-Doo, both of which are driven for Monster Jam events across the country and worldwide.

A Sacramento driver spotted the trailer on fire from an overpass, capturing video that shows flames on the big rig.

The CHP said it received the report of the fire around 8:30 a.m.

Scooby-Doo is one of the two Monster Jam trucks that was damaged in a fire on Highway 50. KTXL/FOX40.

Officials said the two monster trucks inside the trailer were on their way to get worked on ahead of a Monster Jam this weekend in San Jose. Officials added that both trucks could potentially be worth around $1 million.

“The cargo appears to be fairly large. So it should be a little bit easier than small type of cargo that can be especially after our fire,” Jeremy Squires with the CHP told FOX40.com. “Difficult to remove just because it’s ashes and burn up multiple boxes of things. So it should be a little easier.”

Monster Jam’s next event is at the SAP Center in San Jose this weekend from Sept. 1 to 3, according to its tour website.

Feld Entertainment, Monster Jam’s parent company, said it expects to have a full lineup for this weekend’s event in San Jose.