(FOX40.COM) — Sacramento State announced Wednesday afternoon that four more board members for Capital Public Radio resigned, bringing the total to 18 who resigned from their board positions in early October.

Only seven board members remain, the university said. Sacramento State said it doesn’t anticipate any more resignations from the Board of Directors.
•Video Above: Earlier coverage of CapRadio’s audit

On Oct. 4, over a dozen board members resigned including the board chair and officers. Those board members resigned shortly after they approved the hire of a new general manager and the university announced it would not fund the position.

Student board member and the university’s Student Body President Nataly Andrade-Dominguez also opposed the hire and asked for the station’s board directors to resign.

Andrade-Dominguez remains one of the remaining board members, along with CapRadio interim General Manager Tom Karlo.

Sacramento State is taking on a larger role in CapRadio operations after a recent audit revealed financial and management issues.

The public radio station can’t file for bankruptcy due to it being a nonprofit auxiliary for the university. CapRadio operates using Sacramento State’s FCC license.

University officials said more changes are anticipated as they respond to recommendations in the audit, which was conducted by the California State University Chancellor’s Office.

Both Sacramento State and CapRadio are awaiting the results of a forensic examination commissioned by the university to determine what led to CapRadio’s issues.