SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Two Sacramento County ordinances and a City of Sacramento ordinance all impacting the area’s unhoused population took effect at the end of this week.

The first of the two Sacramento County ordinances, both passed in August, prohibits camping in the American River Parkway and the Dry Creek Parkway between one hour after sunset and sunrise.

It also prohibited fires within both parkways except in circumstances allowed by the park director.

The other county ordinance prohibits emcampments with in 25 feet of critical infastructure which the ordinance says can include “fire stations, police stations, jails, or courthouses; hospitals; structures, such as antennas, bridges, roads, train tracks including rail stations, or telecommunication centers.”

It also prohibits encampments within 25 feet of schools and public libraries.

The city ordinance, also passed last month, says that city sidewalks must not be obstructed specifically requiring that at least 4 feet of width for pedestrians or vehicles to pass.

The ordininces expanding the prohibited areas for encampments come months after the city council appoved a ballot measure to be voted on in the November general election that would allow the city to move homeless people camping on public prorperty to an approved “emergency shelter space” camping spots if they are available.

A recent report noted that the population of unhoused people in Sacramento County had increased 60% in the past 3 years.