SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento Police said they arrested 17 people between Oct. 14 and Oct. 16 and took guns off the streets in the process. 

Police reported 12 incidents that led to guns being found, with half of them beginning as traffic stops.

On Oct. 14, there were five incidents. Officers conducted three traffic stops and found the person in the car either had a gun on them or in the car.

The other two incidents stemmed from a ShotSpotter activation and officers noticing people smoking cannabis in two cars that were parked next to each other. A gun was found in the ShotSpotter incident, and one person was arrested. 

Officers found two guns in the cars that were parked next to each other, and four people were arrested on related charges. 

On Oct. 15, there were seven incidents. There were three traffic stops in which officers found a gun and a total of six people were arrested — One of them was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

One incident stemmed from a domestic violence call. The person who was arrested was found with an illegally configured gun. 

In one arrest, a resident alerted police to a group of people in which one person may have been armed with a gun. Officers responded and found one person with a gun. The person was arrested on weapon-related charges. 

The last arrest was made after officers saw a group of people drinking in public. It was later found someone had tossed a gun under a car. One person was arrested. 

There was one more incident in which officers took a gun off the street. Officers spotted a “suspicious vehicle” with no one inside. Police said they spotted a gun in the car, and a search led to the discovery of another weapon. According to police, they are still investigating.