SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A group of women were caught on camera stealing nearly $100,000 worth of jewelry from an Arden-Arcade boutique.

The store’s owner said the women came in with one goal: steal jewelry. And investigators believe they may be behind other robberies in the area.

While it was all caught on camera, the owners of Liz Shoes Best and Fitted Outfits are planning on getting even more security cameras at their store. 

“They like to get your trust first. They pretend to be like you. One of the women said, ‘We’re Muslim too. We don’t do the robberies and stuff,’” Co-owner Amir Siddiqui said.

The heist cost the store $90,000 in gold and diamond pieces, which were swiped right under the owners’ noses while the store was open.

 “The jewelry was back there, and it was locked too. So they must have been very professional. They came with the stuff to break the locks and everything,” Siddiqui said.

Siddiqui said his brother Arif was distracted by a woman on the sales floor while two others stood watch. A fourth woman was checking out dresses, and when the coast was clear, she pretended to go into the back room to try on a dress.

But right next door is where the jewelry room is located, and it’s where the heist happened. 

“It has chains, diamond rings and all of this was diamond stuff too,” Siddiqui said.

It’s completely empty now.

“You see? She broke this too, broke all the locks,” Siddiqui said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to FOX40 that they are investigating the heist. Siddiqui said they’ll still need to make loan payments on all of the items stolen.

Going forward, they’re adding more security and are determined to catch the thieves.

“You know what? We have their fingerprints; we have their pictures,” Siddiqui said.“When we first came to this country, we were working 365 (days). We work every day, so this is our hard-earned money. We won’t let them take it away.” 

The people they believe are responsible are still out there, and that’s why the owners have been handing out these flyers to neighboring businesses offering a $2,000 reward if they’re caught.