SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento will not have a New Year’s Eve fireworks show at the Old Sacramento Waterfront for the third year in a row, the city said.

The last two years the fireworks event was canceled due to safety concerns about COVID-19, but this year, the city said events on both sides of the Sacramento River on the same night caused logistical issues.

West Sacramento worked with the City of Sacramento and Visit Sacramento to coordinate the fireworks event in previous years, but there will be a Christmas event at Sutter Health Park this December, including the night of the 31st, on the West Sacramento side of the river.

In Sacramento, the city said the New Year’s Eve at the Railyards event is expected to draw in a big crowd.

“Other sites, including the Tower Bridge itself, were considered as possible places to launch the fireworks, but ultimately there were either safety, access or traffic concerns,” Tim Swanson, media and communications manager, said on the city’s website.

The city said there will be plenty of events for people to still attend, including at the Old Sacramento Waterfront. They said will list local events such as dance parties, shows and more.