SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As the countdown to 2023 begins, there will be plenty of events happening in Sacramento. 

For those who will be out celebrating, the City of Sacramento is reminding the public to stay safe during the holiday. 

“New Year’s Eve is a big night for Sacramento and knowing these safety tips can help everyone have a more pleasant experience,” City of Sacramento Nighttime Economy Manager Tina Lee-Vogt said on the city’s website. “Have a ride, know your limits, take safety precautions, know the rules about your venue, and most importantly, have fun!”

To ensure Sacramentans have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve, here are some tips suggested by city officials.


City officials say always to share your location so someone knows where you’re going and have a travel plan to get home safely. It’s suggested to check license plates before you enter a vehicle. 

For rideshare and transportation options in Sacramento, click here.

Know your limits

When celebrating, officials say to drink alcohol responsibly and drink plenty of water. Never leave your drink unattended or accept drinks from strangers, the city said. 

Personal safety precautions

With Sacramento bars and clubs expected to be filled with people, the city urges the public to always be aware of their surroundings and know the exits in case of emergencies. 

Other safety precautions the public should take is don’t leave with a stranger without telling someone you know and be a good bystander and intervene if you see harassment. 

Venue rules

When going to any of the New Year’s Eve events in Sacramento or throughout the region, city officials are reminding the public to be aware of the venue’s rules and dress codes. 

Officials say the public should have their ID on them, as people should be prepared to have their ID checked and/or scanned.