(FOX40.COM) — Taco enthusiasts in Sacramento, this one’s for you.

The Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SHCC) said it has teamed up with multiple organizations to produce the city’s very own “Taco Plaza” in North Sacramento.

An event will be held on Friday at 2600 Northgate Boulevard to celebrate the plaza’s official launch. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m.
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Sacramento Councilmember Karina Talamantes said, “The Taco Plaza is more than just a place to enjoy delicious food; it’s a space where our community can celebrate its rich cultural diversity.”

Talamantes worked with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Sacramento Office of Innovation and Economic Development to “transform” Northgate Boulevard into a “vibrant destination for taco enthusiasts and community members of all stripes.”

The SHCC added that it hopes the Taco Plaza brings more than bold flavor, but that it also drives economic growth and community engagement.

“We believe that the Taco Plaza will serve as an engine for economic growth in our underinvested corridors,” said SHCC President and CEO Cathy Rodriguez Aguirre.

She continued, “By providing opportunities for local entrepreneurs, we are fostering a dynamic environment where businesses can flourish.”

This project is part of the City of Sacramento’s Grant Agreement with the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation for the Northgate Boulevard Business Recovery Program. Atlas Lab, a local Latina-owned small business, completed the “Taco Plaza Outdoor Market” concept.