(KTXL) — Parks along the American River and Dry Creek parkways will be closed Friday as flooding is expected, Sacramento County said. 

Discovery Park, Howe Avenue Access and Watt Avenue Access along the American River Parkway will be closed. Dry Creek Ranch House Access, Dry Creek Parking Lot and Cherry Island Sports Park along the Dry Creek Parkway will be closed. 

Sacramento County said the parks will stay closed until further notice.

The American River is expected to flood from Discovery Park through Campus Commons and near mile marker 20.5. Releases from Folsom Lake are also expected to make it flow faster than normal. 

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District and other agencies are warning people who are camping along the American River to move to higher ground. Residents are advised to not go near the river as well. 

The National Weather Service is forecasting that intermittent moderate to heavy rain will be seen on Friday and Saturday. The majority of the flood watches are set to begin at 7 a.m. on Friday.