(KTXL) — A series of winter storms, some with blizzard-like conditions, have upended travel across California and other western states, including on routes not directly impacted by the heavy rain, snow and wind.

In Sacramento, bus service delays and cancelations because of the weather have left several passengers stranded at the Greyhound bus terminal, some for several days.

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For the past three days, Juana Diego, her husband and her 2-year-old toddler have been stuck at the Greyhound bus station. 

“It’s just been, it’s been a headache,” said Diego, who is trying to get to Portland, Oregon. “They have been saying that they are not getting past Redding. They have been canceling on us every day since Friday.”

Passenger Daniel Woodward is traveling from Phoenix to Oregon and got stuck in Sacramento.

“We’ve been here for three days,” Woodward said.

“They are saying it is just because of the weather and they are saying that the snow is coming in,” he continued.

The Greyhound corporate office did not provide a statement regarding the stranded passengers, but an employee at the Sacramento station did say that the delays and cancellations were due to weather.

But Diego and her family say that Greyhound can do more to help her and others in her situation, some of who have even run out of money after several days.

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“They’re not wanting to give out refunds, they are not doing anything for us basically,” Diego said.

On Tuesday afternoon, the City of Sacramento Office of Emergency Management said that it will be providing hot meals, blankets and other items to passengers stranded at the station.

Woodward said that he feels particularly bad for the families stranded at the station, but that all passengers that are stranded are in need of urgent help to get home.

“I need to get home, I work and I have kids too.”