(KTXL) — The Sacramento Police Department is investigating the vandalism of a statue in Land Park.

On Monday, police received reports that the Charles Swanston statue was vandalized. An image shared by the police department shows the statue without its head.

The statue has been there since 1926, nearly 100 years, but just this weekend it was vandalized and the head was chopped off. 

“I’m angry. My family is angry. We all really don’t understand this or why anyone would do this,” Eric Hud, the great great grandson of Charles Swanston, said.

The Swanston family has a long history in Sacramento and Charles arrived here in 1865. He became wealthy through multiple endeavors including the meat-packing firm Swanston & Son which he founded with his son George. 

Together the Swanston family acquired lots of land in the area, some that would now be considered much of William Land Park, and part of Cal Expo. 

Then after his father’s passing in 1911, George commissioned the statue to be built and donated to the city. 

Hud said that this legacy is what makes the statue special to his family.

“It’s great to bring my kids down here. I have five kids. Everybody loves to come check it out. Who wouldn’t? I mean, these guys did a really something special, really benefited everybody. So it’s a bummer this happened,” Hud said.

According to police, they are currently investigating the incident and anyone who calls with information is eligible for a $1,000 reward.

1841 El Camino, a cannabis dispensary, is also offering a $5,000 reward.

Anyone with information should call the Sacramento Police Department dispatch center at 916-808-5471 or the Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at 916-443-4357.