SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — During her 70 years on Britain’s throne, Queen Elizabeth II made time for a visit to Sacramento during a 10-day tour of the Golden State on March 4, 1983.

The Queen, 56 years old at the time, and Prince Phillip landed at the Sacramento Metropolitan Airport at 10:56 a.m. aboard Air Force II, where they were then driven 25 minutes to Sutter’s Fort, according to a March 5, 1983 Sacramento Bee article.

The Queen, a fan of Old West history, was treated to a presentation of actors dressed in the styles of that period, from grizzled mountain men, Native Americans, pioneer women and other characters.

Although she did not make too many comments, those in attendance said that her domineering, facial expressions and natural curiosity indicated her enjoyment of the experience, according to a KCRA news reel from the visit.

One of those grizzled men took a sip from a large jug and Prince Phillip asked the man what he was drinking, according to the Bee article.

Receiving the answer of “water”, Phillip responded “You really ought to have rum or Scotch,” according to the Bee.

Then Gov. George Deukmejian and former Sacramento Mayor R. Burnett Miller guided the Queen and prince through the capitol city.

The second stop of the brief visit was the State Capitol building for a seafood lunch, according to the Bee, where a crowd of 5,000 people and 140 school children welcomed the royal couple.

Congressman John Garamendi’s wife Patricia remarked on how well the prince mingled with everyone.

“Wouldn’t he make a great political partner?” said Patti Garamendi, cited by the Bee. “Look how he knows to work the room.”

The article says that the couple flew out of Sacramento at 3 p.m. back to San Francisco.