(KTXL)— Sacramento Mayor Darell Steinberg appears to be in consideration for a position in California’s Third District Court of Appeals, according to a report from POLITICO

The report states that, in emails obtained by POLITICO, the California State Bar asked “several members … to evaluate Steinberg.” 

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said they do not comment on the “status of individual candidacies.”

Steinberg’s office released a statement as well in regard to the report. 

“I have two years left in my current term as mayor and I am fully focused on the challenges and opportunities we face in the city of Sacramento. I’ve submitted an application for the judiciary because I’m open to all possibilities for my long term future.” 

Mayor Darrell Steinberg

If nominated, Mayor Steinberg would still need to be confirmed. And depending on the timing, it could either cause a special election or a vote by the city council for a replacement.