SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Energy providers warned Californians that rolling blackouts could be possible in the days after Labor Day as a heat wave batters the state and other western states. 

Rolling blackouts are implemented when the energy use in the state is higher than the total energy generated.

During rotating blackouts, also known as rolling blackouts, certain parts of the state would be without power for a period of time before power is restored there and other parts of the state would be without power for their turn.

PG&E and SMUD said, in the case of rotating blackouts, they would let customers know beforehand if their power will be shut off, but advised that emergency situations may not always allow for early notices.

SMUD said it would attempt to give its customers at least an hour’s notice. PG&E did not specify a time frame. 

For customers of SMUD, the power would be off for about an hour, and PG&E customers would have their power shut off between one to two hours. 

Both power companies said they would shut off power to a section or block of customers only once until all other sections have had their power shut off too.

The state’s power grid operator, the California Independent System Operator, is the ultimate authority on deciding when rotating blackouts are necessary. 

“CAISO will communicate to California’s utilities the amount of energy load (in megawatts) they need to take offline. PG&E then selects the number of blocks in our service territory that, when taken offline, will meet the required reduction in energy,” PG&E said. 

SMUD said it will do everything it can before shutting off power, such as buying energy to meet demand. 

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Visit SMUD or PG&E to find out which section you are in and if an outage is planned.