(FOX40.COM) — The day after Thanksgiving is known for its shopping-related nickname “Black Friday,” but it also has a second nickname, “Brown Friday,” for its association with plumbing problems.

Among the top cities in the country that experience these problems following the Thanksgiving feasts is Sacramento, according to data about searches for plumbers from Yelp.

The company said it looked at “millions of data points” related to searches of clogged toilets and garbage disposals, leaky faucets and more, along with uses of its Request a Quote tool, which helps connect users with professional services.

According to Yelp, the ranking was based on the increase in searches for plumbing services during the “Brown Friday time period” —the week after the holiday— compared to the week prior.

The Top Ten cities are as follows:
•Portland, OR +23%
•Virginia Beach, VA +22%
•Raleigh, NC +21%
•Indianapolis, IN +21%
•Jacksonville, FL +18%
•Sacramento, CA +15%
•Boston, MA +15%
•New Orleans, LA +15%
•Milwaukee, WI +14%
•Phoenix, AZ +14%

You can see the full Top 30 list here.

Yelp said that Portland “specifically ranked high in searches for plumbing issues like ‘clogged drains,’ ‘drain cleaning,’ as well as Request a Quote submissions…'”

The city of Los Angeles, while not in the top 10, had the highest number of submissions for Request a Quote.

Yelp also provided several tips that could help prevent plumbing issues over the Thanksgiving holiday period.
•wipe dishes clean before loading a washer and use a sink strainer
•remind guests not to flush items that are not meant for toilet drains
•avoid excessive water use throughout the house, including in the kitchen, showers, etc.
•if freezing weather is forecasted, allow faucets to drip to prevent freezing