(KTXL) — With a unanimous vote from the Sacramento City Council during their meeting on Tuesday a 100-foot quiet zone will go into effect around all Sacramento healthcare facilities in 30 days.

“This ordinance aims to prevent the obstruction, harassment or intimidation of person entering or exiting health care facilities,” the staff report of the ordinance reads.

According to District 4 Councilmember Katie Valenzuela, this amendment to the city’s noise ordinance has been in the works for almost a year.

“I was reflecting to not quite a year ago when Planned Parenthood staff first reached out when we knew that Supreme Court was going to take action on the Roe v. Wade decision,” Valenzuela said.

Valenzuela said during the meeting that there are two Planned Parenthood clinics in her district.

“You can say and think what you want, but you just can’t do it in a way that is harming other people’s constitutional rights,” Valenzuela said.

During public comment, all speakers spoke in favor of approving the ordinance as they are in some way connected to the Planned Parenthood clinics and have experienced the protests that take place around the clinics.

One of the speakers, who has served as a clinic escort since November, said that UPS, US Postal Service, Amazon and other delivery drivers are also being harassed by protesters along with patients and clinic staff.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg thanked Valenzuela for bringing the ordinance forward and to the advocates for Planned Parenthood.

“The Dobb’s decision was wrong, it’s wrong,” Steinberg said. “In California, women and men have a constitutional right to privacy and women have a constitutional right to reproductive choice. That needs to be upheld, that constitutional right is to mean something it can not be inhibited by people trying to prevent people from exercising their constitutional right.”

Steinberg and Valenzuela said that they hope this action is seen by other California cities that are dealing with the same protests outside of their healthcare facilities and will use Sacramento’s amendments as a blueprint.