SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday approved millions of dollars in funding to help build affordable and transitional housing units across the city. 

Mayor Pro Tem Eric Guerra’s office said in a press release that the $35.4 million in funding will help build about 820 units, and more than 300 of those will be along the Stockton Boulevard Corridor. 

According to Guerra, the 300 units will be in addition to the 1,000 that have already been planned for in the area. 

The Stockton Boulevard Corridor is expected to go through some change, along with the building of the units. The Stockton Boulevard Plan was approved in 2021 and looks to make the corridor a more walkable and people-focused area. 

“Streets focused on people, where residents are comfortable, can promote walking and bicycling. Corridors that have effective public transit options see improved economic outcomes,” the city website says.