(FOX40.COM) — Sacramento City Council member Lisa Kaplan proposed tougher penalties against people who participate in sideshows that are expected to be voted on by elected officials in coming months.

Sideshows are an informal demonstration of automotive stunts often held in empty parking lots and vacant streets, having first appeared in Oakland, California in the 1980s as social gatherings, according to KQED. They’re popular in hip-hop culture, but illegal because of their threat to public safety. Local law enforcement reported that sideshows often result in acts of violence. They say on some occasions people are attacked and even shot.

“This is one other deterrent to say don’t come to our city, find a legal avenue, and if you do get caught this is going to cost you thousands of dollars- you’re going to lose your vehicle,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan’s proposed penalties would include doubling the current $500 fine to make it $1000 for first-time sideshow offenders. People cited would also be financially responsible for any property damage caused.

“Maximum enforcement, maximum towing- holding for 30 days, and seeking the maximum amount for restitution for the cost that it incurs on the city,” Kaplan said.

Sacramento Vice Mayor Eric Guerra agreed with harsher punishment for sideshow participants.

“They’ve broken into houses, destroyed property, and unfortunately they’ve become violent toward people who try to get through them,” Guerra said. “We need to stop this activity so we can have safe streets and most importantly protect the public safety of our city.”

Kaplan’s proposal reportedly still has a long way to go before it makes it to city council. Sacramento City Council’s law and legislation committee will work out any “kinks” in the proposal before it is placed on a future agenda to be voted on. Kaplan said she hopes it will happen sometime before the end of the year.