(FOX40.COM) — The Sacramento City government is looking for feedback on subjects ranging from public transportation to entertainment, in its annual poll of residents.

The survey was sent out to “7,500 randomly selected households” and is also available for residents to fill out online.

“Each year we’ve offered this survey with a goal to identify our community’s perspectives regarding the local economy, safety, mobility, and more,” Assistant City Auditor Farishta Ahrary said. “The feedback will help the City ensure that its policies and programs align with our residents’ highest priorities.”

Thirty-one questions, some of which have several parts, ask residents about themselves and to rate a number of different aspects of the city including entertainment options, natural disaster preparedness and affordability.

According to the City, the survey is open through Nov. 30, takes around 15 minutes, and can be translated into more than 100 languages.

The City said it first conducted the poll in 2018. the results of previous years’ surveys are available on the city government website.

Eleven percent of respondents to last year’s poll rated the quality of life in Sacramento as “excellent,” 47% rated it as “good,” 29% rated it as fair and 12% rated it as poor.