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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Unified School District wrote a blog post Friday with information about students returning to class.

Aside from the anticipation of kids going back to school, it was announced that the school year will not be extended to make up for lost time caused by the teacher strike.

The teacher strike saw students out of the classroom and the Sacramento Teachers Association as well as Service Employee National Union Local 121 protest for better working conditions and salary. The strike began on March 22 and ended April 4 when a tentative agreement was reached.

“There will be no days added this academic year to recover lost learning time from the 2021-22 strike,” a statement reads in the blog post.

The post also states that changes may be made to middle or high school bell schedules because of a new state law affecting start times but there is no clear reason behind this decision.

To view calendar updates, tips for parents before heading back to school, COVID-19 policies, and more you can read the blog post here.