(KTXL) — A community meeting will be held on Feb. 9 regarding renovations to Sierra 2 Park and Curtis Park, the city said. 

Sacramento’s Department of Youth, Parks and Community Enrichment is holding the virtual meeting and community members will be able to attend virtually, as well.

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The city said the meeting will be to review the results of a community survey that asked residents their thoughts on the potential renovations and their use of the park.

The potential renovations include improvements that could support activities or amenities including off-leash dog use, sports fields and courts, or community gathering areas.

At the meeting, staff will also be talking about what’s next for the parks and asking for more feedback.

The meeting will be held on Feb. 9, from 5 to 6 p.m. Those interested in joining the meeting can do so with this link when the date arrives.

According to the city, Sierra 2 Park will once again have a temporary off-leash dog park after the fencing was blown over during the storms. 

Meanwhile, the city asks residents to comply with park rules and keep dogs on leashes.