(KTXL) —The tribute to the 11 victims of Wednesday’s crash has grown along San Juan Road. 

The new additions to the memorial focus on two people in particular: the mother and son who were killed.

“My grandson was sitting on his mom’s lap when it happened. That’s how they got ejected from the car,” Terry Mangram, the grandfather of one of the victims, said to FOX40 News.

Mangram said two of the deceased are his 3-year-old grandson, Zayden Mangram, and the boy’s mother, 25-year-old Rayshawna Armstrong. 

A 5-year-old in the car died as well. 

There were eleven people in the sedan, two adults and nine children aged 3 to 8. A member of a church near where the crash happened told FOX40 News it was still hard to think back to the mayhem of trying to help the victims. 

Among the eight survivors is Reese’s daughter. Mangram said his son is by the little girl’s side in the hospital.

“From my understanding, it was said that they had a donut tire on the car, and the donut blew out,” Mangram said.

Police have not confirmed this, and two days after this crash, they have offered few updates. As far as the cause, they will only say the car lost control, hit a tree, and speed played a role.

“It’s hard because it’s a lot of unanswered questions,” Mangram said.