SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Council could soon make room for a youth advisory liaison in order to encourage more young people to participate in the city’s policymaking.

Council members on Dec. 6 adopted a resolution creating the position, the city said. The position will go to someone who is between 18 and 24 years old when they are appointed, the resolution says. They must also meet one other requirement:

  • Participating in a youth leadership program sponsored by the City of Sacramento, the County of Sacramento or a Joint Powers Authority located within the County of Sacramento;
  • Participating in a leadership skill-building program, through a multi-session curriculum, presented by a community-based organization located within the City of Sacramento; or
  • Attending and making public comment at a minimum of three Sacramento Youth Commission (SYC) or three Sacramento City Council meetings, within the 12 months prior to appointment.

The city said they hope the position will help better inform them how policies will affect young people and future adult residents.

Applications are not yet open for the position; the city said its staff will create an implementation plan and timeline, alongside the Sacramento Youth Commission, by February. According to the resolution, the liaison would have a seat at the dais and serve a two-year term.

During their term, they will be able to attend certain briefings given to council members by staff and city council meetings.

To learn more about the position, read the resolution here.