SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — If Sacramento was nestled along the coast instead of the Sacramento and American rivers, would the city be above or below sea level? 

The elevation of the city is comparable to the coastal cities of Santa Cruz and Monterey. Sacramento sits at about 30 feet of elevation, which puts it between Santa Cruz, which has an elevation of 36 feet, and Monterey, which has an elevation of 26 feet.

In some spots, the elevation in Sacramento can get even lower, such as in downtown.

A data map published on the city of Sacramento’s website shows the elevation of certain areas.

The data map shows information for specific points, and for the point located in Powerhouse Alley in downtown, at the center of P and Q streets and 14th and 15th streets, it shows an elevation of about 19 feet. 

Over at Southside Park, the elevation drops off a little bit to about 11 feet. Further north, at the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail in the American River Parkway, the elevation climbs back up to 38 feet. 

How does the city’s elevation compare to California’s highest and lowest points? Well, we can use the city’s tallest building for reference. 

The Wells Fargo Center downtown reaches about 423 feet into the sky. If you could imagine 34 Wells Fargo Centers stacked on top of each other, that’s about how many it would take to reach California’s highest point at Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney is home to the highest point — not only in California but — in the contiguous United States. It has an elevation of 14,497 feet. 

Less than 100 miles away from Mt. Whitney, the lowest point in California and North America exists in Death Valley. The Badwater Basin, which has a thick layer of salt that looks like snow, has an elevation of 282 below sea level.