SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The housing market is cooling off nationwide, but real estate experts say the market in Sacramento is still warm.

In fact, new data lists Sacramento as the top metro area in the country that people are looking to move to. One couple FOX40 spoke to moved from Manhattan to Midtown Sacramento.

“When you think you know everything about it, leave. That’s when it’s lost all its magic. But this place has a lot of magic left,” Miles Mendoza said. “It’s picturesque in a lot of areas and it does feel like a hidden secret.”

But it appears word about Sacramento is already getting out.

“The question isn’t really why would you come here, the question now more becomes why wouldn’t they come here,” Tina Suter, real estate agent, said.

National real estate company Redfin listed Sacramento as its top metro destination in the country for people on the move, ranking ahead of Las Vegas and Miami.

“It is new for Sacramento to see something on national news that says people are coming to us,” Suter said.

Suter – who is based in the Arden-Arcade neighborhood — said affordable homes year-round sunshine and proximity to the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe are all reasons those within the state and outside California’s borders continue coming to Sacramento.

“This really is a perfect fit on paper, and it’s bringing people here,” Suter said.

Add that to an expanding remote work lifestyle and Suter says Sacramento is hard to beat.

“Your job offers you five different locations that you can go and you look at all of those. Sacramento has so many features that are drawing this towards their location instead of going elsewhere,” Suter said.

“There’s just a really nice community feel and just things that we weren’t expecting to find too,” Petra Mendoza said.

The Mendozas are renting – in the meantime – but they actively have their eyes on some homes.