(KTXL) — The Sacramento International Airport announced a $1.3 billion renovation Wednesday that includes five major expansions. 

According to SMForward website, the airport’s renovation project includes a terminal expansion with additional gates, ticket counters, a baggage claim carousel, office space, and improvements to baggage handling systems.

The additional gates will be at both terminals A and B will add gates while both terminals will also have new amenities.

A new pedestrian walkway that is ADA-compliant will be installed along the ‘people-mover’ that goes between the security area and gates of Terminal B. The construction of the walkway is estimated to be $140 million.

A new parking garage will be located west of Terminal B with 3,400 to 5,500 parking spaces. A new road exit on Terminal A will be added along with a new ground transportation center, and a new $400 million consolidated car rental center will also be part of the renovated project. 

According to the SMF, the billion-dollar renovation is expected to conclude in late 2027.

“The airport experience is the first impression many people see when they arrive in Northern California — and the last as they leave,” Director of Sacramento County Department of Airports Cindy Nichol said in a statement. “SMForward will change the airport’s skyline, but it also sets the stage for the airport’s growth and our region as a whole.”

The airport’s current terminals and parking

SMF has two terminals with multiple airlines in each one along with different areas for public parking. 

Terminal A has 13 gates for four airlines, which are Air Canada, American Delta, and United. Terminal B has 19 gates and has more airlines including Aeromexico, Alaska, Boutique, Contour, Frontier, Hawaiian, Horizon, Jet Blue, Southwest Spirt, and Sun Country.   

Both terminals have parking spaces and the airport provides a tracker that allows visitors to get up-to-date parking availability. 

As for the price of parking, the cost is different depending on which lot you’re in. 

Since the beginning of 2023, here are the airport’s parking prices: 

•Economy: $13,50
•Daily Lot: $15.75
•Garage Lot: $23.50
•Hourly Lot: $37.75