SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The record-breaking heat wave hitting the Sacramento area may ease up in the coming days, but not before a few more days of triple-digit temperatures, according to the FOX40 Weather Center.

After a temperature gauge in the city used by the National Weather Service reached 116 degrees —the highest temperature ever recorded in the city— at least three more days will pass before the thermometer dips below 100.

Relief from the heat will begin on Friday night with a low of 68, breaking from the week’s low 70s. Saturday will end the streak of triple-digit days as the high is expected to be 98 degrees. 

Wednesday is forecasted to have a high of 109 degrees and it will heat up a bit more on Thursday, with a forecast of 112 degrees. 

Friday will also be a triple-digit day with a high of 108, but things will start to cool down. After Saturday’s high of 98, Sunday is expected to be even less warm, with a high of 91. 

Saturday and Sunday are both forecasted to be partly cloudy.