SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Leaf season is coming to an end in Sacramento, meaning the “claw” will be making its last pickup in the coming days. 

Residents who have leaf piles that need to be picked up should make sure to have them out for collection by Monday, Jan. 23. 

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“ … Your collection day may shift during the week as our crews make their collections, and your pile may not be collected if not put out on the street by January 23rd,” the city’s website says.

Sacramento recommends residents check the collection calendar to stay up to date on pick-up days.

The city provided some tips for residents who may have more yard debris due to the storms that passed through the area. 

-Fill organic waste container (including branches and stumps) first before making a pile
-Branches must be cut into pieces that are three feet in length or less
-Place tree stumps that do not fit in the container in a separate pile, away from leaves and branches

Sacramento is currently making temporary exceptions for piles larger than the designated size, 4 feet by 4 feet by 9 feet, due to the storms: If the pile is larger, the city asks residents to create a separate pile.

All piles should be at least 6 feet from any obstructions, such as cars, boats and basketball hoops.

The city warns that collection may be slower than normal as the storm led to more debris having to be picked up. 

Those who have large downed trees or a lot of debris are advised to connect with a landscaping service, a commercial hauler or call a tree removal service.

Residents who can self-haul debris can also take it to certain regional facilities, according to the city.