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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento released permit-ready building plans for accessory dwelling units, also known as “in-law units” and “granny flats,” as part of its effort to increase housing.

The plans for the detached units all meet the city’s 2022 residential building code requirements and are for all-electric housing.

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“The permit-ready plans are a helpful addition to streamline the process for customers and to produce more housing options in Sacramento,” said Garrett Norman, senior planner with the City.

There are three building plans available: studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom permit-ready plans.

All the plans are under 750 square feet, which the city said means no impact fees. According to the city, the plans are affordable, and the material for them should be purchasable at local hardware stores.

Those who want to build a unit will need to submit a site plan to show the city where on the property the ADU will be built. There is a submittal guide to help with the process.

“Having permit-ready plans means that a property owner can go straight to applying for permits as the plans are already pre-approved,” Norman said.

Sacramento said the permit-ready plans can be used by any resident. However, no modifications to the plans are allowed to be made.